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 A Teachers Affection Chapter 2

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PostSubject: A Teachers Affection Chapter 2   Mon 27 Aug - 3:33

Chapter 2

"Lady Tsunade!" A very angry Shizune yells while storming down the hall towards her master's office. "Lady Tsunade what is the meaning of this?" She yells again busting down the door looking for her master in a fit of rage, but suddenly stopped when something awkward caught her eye upon entering the room. "Lady Tsunade what's going on here? Where is Sakura, and why are her clothes thrown all over the floor?"

"Sakura got a little too worked up watching Kurenai diaper Hinata so I had her take a little nap, she did seem a bit on edge this afternoon." Tsunade said while not looking up from the mountains of paper work that was stacked up in front of her. "So do you mind telling me why you walk into my office screaming your head off like some crazy person, Shizune?"

"I just received word that Fuyumi Sage along with her daughter Fuuka will be arriving at the village in the middle of the night tonight, not tomorrow afternoon like you said earlier."

"Your point?" Tsunade asked.

"What about Hinata, you're not going to leave her in that room dressed like a toddler for Fuuka to see are you?" Shizune shouted. Tsunade averted her eyes away so not looking at Shizune, but still had that 'BUSTED' look plastered on her face. "Just as I thought you plan to make Hinata stay dressed like that and play with Fuuka until the deal is over with aren't you?"

"Well…..if Fuuka has Hinata, another girl her age and is into the same things she's into, then she might want to stay here a little longer."

"I can't believe you, did you even consider asking Hinata how she felt about this. Wearing a diaper in front of Kurenai and us is one thing, but in front of complete strangers?" Shizune kept ranting giving her master an earful. "Your taking advantage of Hinata's fetish just to make sure this deal goes through aren't you? Do you have any idea what something like that could do to Hinata, she's already shy enough as is, she won't want to show her face around the village after all this is finished."

"So I take it you already knew about Hinata's little hobbies then?" Tsunade smirked.

"Of course I knew Hinata was interested in diapers and being treated like a baby, she showed all the signs."

"I had my suspicions also with the way Hinata agreed to this whole thing, and while I was putting the diaper on her, but after watching her play as innocently as she did today, that confirmed it." Kurenai said entering the office.

"Kurenai please don't be upset with her, Hinata is….." Shizune wanted to speak but could not find the right words.

"I do find it a little weird that Hinata is into these kinds of things, but with the way she lives at home, she needs something to keep her sanity. I guess pretending to be a baby help's her cope with her father's strict methods."

"So you don't object to what Lady Tsunade is doing?" Shizune asked.

"No actually I think it may help her." Kurenai said. "Hinata can be put back into a state of helplessness where she needs to rely on others to do things for her. It worried me when I found out that Hinata was always out in the middle of the night putting herself through harsh training, it would be very bad if she collapsed one night and I wasn't there to help her."

"See Shizune and you were sitting up here worrying for nothing. Did you think I wouldn't take Hinata's best interest into consideration?" Tsunade asked.

"Okay fine Lady Tsunade do whatever you want, but I still don't agree to what you're doing!"

"Then here's a better idea, you use a transformation Jutsu and make yourself Hinata's age, put on a diaper and have Kurenai baby you instead, how does that sound?" Shizune blushed and turned the other way without saying a word. "That's what I thought, keep that up and you and Sakura will be sharing the same fate!"

"But tell me how are we supposed to explain to Hinata that she will be entertaining Fuuka?" Kurenai asked.

Tsunade had a conniving grin on her face and leaned back into her chair. "Don't worry about that, I have just the perfect plan to give Hinata what she wants without her having to ask for it." She snickered, making the other two women in front of her really nervous.

"Hmmm these look nice, I just love how the flowers bloom so beautifully this time of year." A young blond haired girl exclaims passionately while picking flowers from a beautiful flower garden located behind her house. Along with the girls blond hair which she always kept in a ponytail and bangs over her right eye, she also has blue eyes and wears a baggy purple sleeveless turtle neck, wrappings around her waist and legs, and a purple skirt made from the same material as her shirt. "Ahhhh if only my beloved Sasuke were still here and tell me that he'd rather be with me instead of that wide head Sakura, and that unregistered sex-offender Orochimaru I would truly be in heaven." She said holding a flower up to her nose a taking a whiff from it, fully admiring the pleasant scent it gave off.

"Ino Yamanaka how sad, you really are a pathetic loved struck girl for Sasuke aren't you?" A strange voice echoed from nowhere. "Wasn't Sasuke the one who broke your best friend's heart and nearly got your fat teammate killed during a mission to bring him back to the village, how can you still have feelings for a guy like that?"

"Who's there, come out of hiding and show yourself now!" Ino demanded standing up and taking guard with a kunai knife gripped in her hand. She soon a rustling sound coming from a bush behind her and quickly turned around and threw the kunai knife at the bush thinking she hit something. "Where are you, what wrong are you too chicken to come out and fight me?"

"Huph, One, I wouldn't even waste my time on a weakling like you, and two I've already won this fight!" Suddenly thick flower roots busted from the ground and wrapped themselves around Ino's arms and legs holding her 'X' style.

"Ahhhhh, What the heck is this, let me go now!" Ino screamed fiercely struggling to free herself from the roots. Suddenly the scenery around Ino changed, all the flowers besides the ones holding her were gone and she was now standing in knee deep water. "What the…..where am I, is this some kind of genjutsu?" She yelled

"You're in my world now and there's no escape!" The voice said.

Suddenly the roots that were holding Ino's legs started growing longer making their way up her thighs and into her skirt, this sensation caused Ino to yelp out in surprise. "No stop it, what the hell do you think you're doing to me?" She cried clamping her thighs together.

"Struggle all you want, you can't escape!" The voice said, soon Ino let out a loud shrill.

"No please stop…. You're going to make me…." Ino begged, her face was becoming flushed as she began squirming even harder, trying to free herself.

"That's right, I want to see it!"

"No stop, please don't make me do that!" Ino cried, tears were streaming down her face, and warm urine was now pouring down her legs. "!" Ino suddenly shot up in her bed covered in a cold sweat breathing heavily. "What the hell, was that a dream?" She asks fearfully. Moving around now Ino could feel something warm and wet beneath her. She pulled back her sheets in horror and saw that she had wet herself in her sleep. "What the hell was that all about, what was that voice I heard?" She asked as she began softly sobbing to herself.
Many hours had gone by when Hinata finally woke up from her nap, she was real groggy still trying to process everything that had happened to her that day. She sat up and rubbed the sleepiness from her eyes wondering how long she had actually been asleep, she noticed that the entire room around her was pitched black. Hinata then looked over to her right out of a window to see that not only the sky outside was black, but the entire village also. All of the running businesses must be closed, meaning it was real late at night.

Hinata blinked a few times to let her eyes adjust to the dark so she could see if anyone was around to let her out of the crib since she was locked in, her stomach started growling letting her know that she was real hungry since the last thing she ate was a salad, and that was around noon. Hinata began feeling around the crib to see if she could somehow let herself out when she suddenly placed her hand down on something soft underneath the covers and quickly took her hand away. She listened in closely and heard light snoring coming from underneath the blankets.

Hinata soon went pale knowing that there was someone else sleeping in the crib besides her. "What's going on, their shouldn't be anyone else here but me, I wonder who this could be?" She wanted to ask, but it all came out as non-understandable ranting thanks to the pacifier in her mouth. When trying to spit the pacifier out Hinata noticed that she couldn't thanks to a sealing jutsu placed on it, the jutsu made it so the person sucking on it could not take it out without the aid of another person. It was one of the brands Hinata had picked out herself. Hinata let out a pouting groan because she never would have guessed she would end up hating herself for picking it since she was the one needing help getting the rubbery soother out of the mouth.

In the end Hinata decided not to worry about the pacifier stuck in her mouth for the moment and focused her attention on who was underneath the covers. With shaky hands Hinata slowly reached out and pulled back the blankets reviling sliver hair, hair to someone she did not recognize, which really made her nervous because she wondered if this person had seen the way she was dressed. Hinata gulped then pulled the covers all the way back reviling a young girl about her age, to her surprise the girl was just wearing a short yellow shirt with a flower design in the middle, and a plastic covered diaper that looked like it had went through a soaking or two. "This girl, could she be Fuuka?" Hinata asked staring the girl down. "But why is she here, Lady Tsunade said that she wouldn't arrive at the village until tomorrow afternoon."

Thanks to the blankets being off of her, cool air brushed against Fuuka's body causing the young girl to toss and turn uncomfortably and whine like she was about to wake up and start crying. Hinata had to act quick before that could happen so she took the stuffed animal she fell asleep with earlier and gave it to Fuuka and covered her back up. Fuuka who was still half asleep rubbed her cheek against the stuffed animal's soft material and quickly went back to sleeping peacefully much to Hinata's relief.

"Good work Hinata." A voice whispered causing Hinata to violently jump and hit her head on the back of the cribs railing. She turned around to see her teacher Kurenai standing over the crib smiling at her. "I was wondering when you were going to wake up. You must be starving by now since the last time you ate something was around noon." Hinata looked at her teacher and shook her head as if to say 'yes', and watched as Kurenai quietly let the bars to the crib down, while trying her best not to wake Fuuka up. Kurenai then held out her arms issuing Hinata to come to her. Hinata did so and was soon scooped into her teacher's arms and carried across the room. "Why does your diaper feel warm, did you have an accident while sleeping?" She asked.

"Hmmmmmmm?" Hinata panicked. She shook her head 'No' and began trying to talk again, but it all came out as non-understandable words again.

"Calm down Hinata I know it must have happened when I scared you a few seconds ago." Kurenai laughed again making Hinata feel more embarrassed. "Now I know you probably have a lot of questions like 'Why is there a girl my age wearing a diaper sleeping in the same crib as me? Is that girl Fuuka? And what is she doing here so early?'" Hinata could do nothing but nod her head as her teacher read the expressions on her face like a book. "Well why don't you save all your questions for later. First we need to get you changed into a fresh diaper before you get a rash, and theirs also someone Lady Tsunade wants you to meet. After that we can get some food into your stomach."

"What do you mean someone you want me to meet Kurenai-sensei, I can't go out in front other people dressed like this!" Hinata began squirming around in Kurenai's arms, and ranting behind the pacifier until she was laid down on the padded changing table. She pointed to the pacifier in her mouth wanting Kurenai to take it out, but the older woman ignored the pleads and just focused on getting the supplies out meant for a diaper change.

"Don't worry I'll make this quick ok!" Kurenai looked down and saw Hinata moist filled eyes and coded her by patting her on the head. While Kurenai did want Hinata to give into her desires of wanting to be treated like a baby on this assignment, she also did not want to take it too far where this treatment would do her more harm than good.

Kurenai first started by ripping free the tabs to the diaper exposing Hinata privates, and slid the soiled diaper from underneath her. Next Kurenai grabbed a couple of baby wipes and began gently wiping Hinata until she was clean, the young Hyuuga jumped each and every time when the cool wipes came in contact with her skin. Next a new diaper was unfolded and slid underneath Hinata's bottom, then came the baby powder which the tickling feeling of it being rubbed into her skin made her feel more babyish and embarrassed, but at the same time the pleasant scent make her relax a little. Lastly Kurenai brought the diaper up to Hinata's waist and stuck both tabs to the diapers plastic until it was nice and snug around Hinata's waist.

"Their now that wasn't so bad now was it?" Kurenai asked, but got no response from her student. All Hinata did was sit their looking down at her feet blushing like crazy. Kurenai just reached out and lifted Hinata back into her arms again and walked out of the room with her.

Once outside Kurenai began walking down the halls through the Hokage building, she could feel Hinata trembling violently in her arms. "You don't have to be so nervous Hinata, I'm just taking you to meet Fuuka's mother Fuyumi, she really wants to meet you." Kurenai could feel Hinata's grip tighten around her. She knew that that last thing Hinata wanted was for someone else other than her, Tsunade, Shizune, or Sakura to see her parading around in only a shirt and diaper.

After a few more minutes of walking Kurenai reached another large door with a tag with the kanji for 'Seal' taped on it. While still holding Hinata with one arm Kurenai pressed her hand against the tag and it slowly started to fade away making the door open on its own, she then walked into a very large room.

The room had servile chairs and a huge table in the center. From where she was being held Hinata was able to see Tsunade and Shizune siting down drinking cups of tea along with another woman she had never seen before. She was real beautiful having long wavy silver hair, and purple eyes, and was wearing a short white dress that stopped at her mid thighs.

"Aww so this is the girl you were saying that would play with my little Fuuka, Tsunade she's adorable!" The woman gushed as she walked over to Kurenai. Hinata clutched her eyes closed and began clinging to Kurenai with all her might.

"You'll have to forgive her, she's a little shy." Kurenai said.

"It's ok Fuuka's the same way when she meets new people, but now that theirs another girl her age for her to play with, I feel a lot better about leaving her in your care Kurenai." Fuyumi said then turned her attention back towards Hinata. "Hello their little cutie, and what's your name?"

"Fuyumi I'd like you to meet Hinata Hyuuga, she's one of Kurenai's students and the daughter to the current head of the Hyuuga clan, Hiashi Hyuuga and is the current clans successor." Tsunade explained taking another sip from her tea cup. "Recently we all found out that Hinata shares similar interests with your daughter so I figured that she would be the best choice for this assignment."

"Well it's nice to meet you Hinata, my name is Fuyumi Sage of the Sage clan. I really hope you can get along with my little Fuuka, she can be quite playful at times." Fuyumi said as she reached out to touch her. Hinata was scared at first, but she felt kindness and warmth coming from the woman's words and lifted her head from Kurenai's shoulders and looked directly at Fuyumi. To Hinata Fuyumi was real beautiful, she didn't know what else to think of her, there was just something about this woman that made Hinata feel safe and comfortable, and reminded her of her late mother. Suddenly a loud rumbling sound could be heard throughout the room, Fuyumi instantly traced the rumbling sound to its source and looked dead at a blushing Hinata. "I think someone is a little hungry, is that why she's acting all shy?" She asked. Those words only made Hinata blush even harder and burying her face back into her teacher's chest.

"Well yes she hasn't eaten anything since this afternoon. I was about to take her to get something to eat." Kurenai explained.

"Don't worry I've got just the perfect thing for a hungry baby." Fuyumi said walking across the room over to a bag that was sitting on a chair. She dug through the bag and took out a jar, a spoon, and a little bib and walked back over to Hinata. Fuyumi carefully reached out and took Hinata out of Kurenai's arms and wrapped one of her arms around Hinata's stomach, and the other arm around the back of Hinata's legs and carried her cradle style. Hinata knew what was going on and began squirming and kicking trying to get away from Fuyumi, but Fuyumi kept a firm grip on her. "It's ok baby you don't have to be scared, we're just going to get some nice yum-yum's for that grumbly tum-tum of yours."

In the end Hinata was sat down in one of the chairs and had a pink and white bib tied around her neck, she looked pleadingly at her teacher mentally asking for help, but Kurenai just stood back with an amused look on her face. Hinata let out a small groan through the pacifier wondering what kind of food she was about to be fed. Fuyumi twisted open the jar and the sweet aroma of peaches and apples entered Hinata's nose instantly grabbing her attention. The pacifier was plucked from Hinata's mouth and a spoon that was filled with yellow-red mush was held up to her lips, she was hesitant to try the stuff at first, but the sweet smell only made her stomach grumbled even louder. Hinata finally gave in and opened her mouth allowing Fuyumi to feed her the mush, as the food was starting to settle in with her taste buds Hinata's eyes began to widen. Kurenai was the first to walk over thinking that Hinata going to be sick but to her surprise she began smiling.

"Wow it's really good!" Hinata exclaimed

"Do you really like it? I made it using an old recipe. Fuuka can't get enough of this stuff, I have to feed her seconds and thirds almost every night!"

"Can I have some more please?" Hinata asked as her cheek's turned pink.

"Sure you can have as much as you want sweetie, now open up for the airplane." Fuyumi sung as she spoon fed Hinata another mouthful. Hinata kept taking bite after bite until the jar was empty, then went through about two more jars until she was nice full, then licked the sides of her mouth to get traces of the food from off her mouth, something that greatly shocked Kurenai.

For as long as Kurenai had known Hinata the girl has always shown great manners no matter where she was or what she was doing, never in a million years did she ever expect Hinata to lick the sides of her mouth like she just did. "Maybe she really does enjoy this treatment and just won't admit it, or maybe she's just playing her character right?" Kurenai kept pondering. As she kept thinking about the situation everybody in the room looked up when they heard Hinata let out a loud sleepy yawn. "Are you getting sleepy again Hinata?" She asked

"Well she should be, a full tummy always makes a baby sleepy." Fuyumi said reaching out and cradling Hinata back into her arms, she than began slowly swaying the young Hyuuga back and forth in her arms, as this was happening Hinata's eyes were starting to get heavier and heavier. The thought of falling asleep in a total strangers arms made Hinata feel slightly embarrassed, but she couldn't fight the sleepy-ness that was befalling her, soon Hinata was dead to the world and was softly snoring.

"Wow you're really good at that!" Kurenai commented.

"Well I have been babying my daughter all these years so I picked up different method on how to comfort someone who doesn't want to go to sleep right away!" Fuyumi said back. "Let's get Hinata back to the room with Fuuka before she wakes up again." With that said both Kurenai and Fuyumi left the room.

As Shizune watched the two leave the room she walked towards the door also ready to leave when Tsunade's hand grabbed her shoulder from behind. "I-is there something else you need Lady Tsunade?" Shizune asked nervously.

"No nothing, I'm just wondering if you still have a problem with my little plan… I mean you do remember our little private time we had back in our younger days when I first started training you to become a medic ninja right?"

"N-no of course not Lady Tsunade." Shizune jumped away. "Hinata seems happy and that's all that really matters."

"Okay." Tsunade said simply then walked off. "Sorry for asking you to stay up so late at night, epically when you're always so busy during the day." Tsunade said leaving the room, leaving Shizune totally confused.
.................................................. .................................................. ...........
Tsunade let out a loud yawn as she walked sleepily down the hallway to her own room. All of the day's events including the conniving and scheming she did had taken its toll on her. Stopping in front of her door Tsunade looked around on all sides just to make sure no one else was on the floor before entering the room. With the light still turned off Tsunade heard something like a rat scurrying across the floor then heard a 'plop' sound, then heard the sound of painful moaning coming from the side of her bed. "It's alright Sakura, it's just me so you can come out now!" Tsunade called out turning on the lights to her room. Looking closely Tsunade saw a little head with pink hair peeking out from under the bed then walked over to it. "What are you doing hiding under the bed, you're going to get dirty under there." She smirked.

Sakura slowly crawled from under the bed reviling the only clothes she was wearing which was just a little pink shirt along with a fluffy looking, matching colored diaper. Sakura opened her mouth to speak but could not get her words out correctly. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath starting over. "Mater I…" She started but soon lost the will to speak again.

"So did the diaper help you calm down a bit, you're not shaking as much as before?" Tsunade asked taking a seat on her bed, then patted the spot next to her, issuing Sakura to come. Sakura blushed as she slowly crawled over to her masters bed and was helped on top on it, and positioned where her head was lying on her masters shoulder.

"What happened to me back there, why did I suddenly feel like I was about to go insane after watching Hinata being put into a diaper?" Sakura busted into tears.

"It's quite normal for someone your age to feel that way so you shouldn't feel bad." Tsunade comforted patting the crying girls head. "Do you remember when you told me about the time when Kakashi first went up against Zabuza and he reviled his Sharingan to you guys for the first time?" She asked tapping Sakura's head telling her to look up. "Tell me, how did Sasuke react to this? I'm pretty sure this was a great shock for him to find out that someone outside his clan possessed a Sharingan."

"Yeah it was a shock, at the time we were all a little freaked out, even that bonehead Naruto. But Sasuke was different, he had a crazed look in his eyes, I saw him take a kunai from his pouch. At first I thought there was another enemy around, but then I saw him holding the Kunai to his neck."

"What made him stop?"

"Kakashi-Sensei told him to calm down and that he would never allow any of his comrades to die."

"Well Sakura I guess you can say it was the same with you, but in a different way."

"What do you mean in a different way?"

"That day Sasuke saw something in front of him, something that he's been craving ever since his older brother Itachi killed everyone in the Uchiha clan."

"Wait you don't mean?"

"That right Sakura it was power that made Sasuke go insane that day. Because he craved power so much, Sasuke could not handle the fact that two Jōnin leveled ninja where about to fight to the death in front of him. When you crave something that much and its staring you right there in the face there's no telling what can happen, Sasuke wanted to have that same level of power they possessed."

"So wait you mean to tell me that the reason I almost lost it was because I wanted to be put into a diaper and be babied?" Sakura shot up. "You're crazy, I've never once in my life wanted anything like that!"

"Well one, wearing the diaper right now seems to have made you snapback to your senses, and two, I never said that you craved begin babied." Hearing that made Sakura calm down a little and sat back down on the bed. "What I was saying was what you really crave is affection."

"Affection?" Sakura asked. "What do you mean by affection?"

"Well you and Sasuke were teammates for almost a year before he deflected from the village right? Well during that time I'm pretty sure that you gave him strong hints about how you really felt about him, but never once did he ever show you any affection back towards you now did he?" Tsunade asked, Sakura didn't answer and just shook her head no. "Then when you met Sasuke at the village gates to try and stop him from leaving, you finally told him that you loved him, but then again he never once returned your feelings, all he said was that 'you're still annoying' and thanked you before knocking you out."

"So what does all of this have to do with me?" Sakura asked before finally snapping. "This whole time you've been bringing up Sasuke, do you think I want to talk about him right now when I should be focusing in my medic ninja studies. Do you think I want to be reminded that I let him get away to be with another man who wants to do this and that with his body, and the fact that three of my classmates plus Neji were put into the hospital in critical condition?"

"Calm yourself Sakura you're taking this the wrong way." Tsunade said calmly. "I'm sorry I should not have used Sasuke as an example, but what I was trying to say was that when you saw the affection Kurenai was giving to Hinata your heart got jealous and made you act the way you did, only after I brought you to this room and held you in my arms did you seem to calm down."

"Then what was the point of diapering me then?" Sakura asked meekly, her cheeks were as pink as her hair.

"I thought it would look cute on you, plus I put you to sleep, there was no telling when you would wake up." Tsunade smiled.

"Master!" Sakura sulked sinking back on the bed.

"You can drop the act, I spoke with one of the caretakers from that store when I sent you that day, she told me that you really seemed to enjoy yourself when someone was giving you some sort of special attention, that's why I kept you diapered that whole day even after I picked you up." Tsunade laughed.

"I have no idea what you're talking about master!" Sakura turned her head blushing.

"You can play dumb all you want, but I have you just about figured out." Tsunade said picking Sakura by her waist again and pull the girl towards her. "It looks like I got two girls to help out while both Fuuka and Fuyumi are in the village, Hinata wanting to be treated like a baby, and you wanting someone to show loving affection towards." She said. "I think the first step to helping you is by keeping you diapered until Hinata's assignment is over with."

"What no way Master, you can't be serious?"

"Serious as a heart attack, just like Hinata you are not to use the bathroom or try and change your own diaper. That job will be assigned to either Shizune or Kurena."

"No way…."

Tsunade then shifted Sakura's body to where she was lying in lap. "Besides those conditions you are free to do whatever you want."

"Wait stop it, what are you going to do to me now?" Sakura asked as she began squirming around trying to get away.

"Just a little something extra to help calm you down, so humor your teacher for a bit okay?"

"Wait a minute you're not going to tickle me are you?" Sakura covered her stomach with her arms and rolled over to where her back was facing Tsunade.

"That's not what I was thinking, but I could use that on you some day." Tsunade laughed reaching into her coat pocket and taking out a baby bottle. "It should still be warm."

"Umm….you do realize that one, I'm not a baby, two, I'm not Hinata, and three, the reason I'm wearing a diaper now is because you gave me no choice right?"

"I know full well that you have no desires to be treated like a baby, but this is for your own good and you can think of this as a way of me showing you some affection." Tsunade said holding the nipple to the bottle up to Sakura's mouth.

After letting out a huge sigh Sakura figured that she wasn't going to get out of this anytime soon and took a deep breath relaxing her body. She then opened her mouth allowing the bottle to go in. At first it was quite the challenge to get the milk to squirt into her mouth, but finally got the hang of it a few seconds later. As she was drinking from the bottle Sakura felt Tsunade running her finger though her soft hair. At this point Sakura felt totally relaxed and safe, the stress she felt earlier had all melted away, nothing else really mattered at the moment, she didn't want this moment to end.

"Twank wu waster!" Sakura tried to speak with the bottle still in her mouth. Tsunade didn't even answer she just kept running her finger through Sakura's hair.

A few minutes later after the bottle was nearly empty, Tsunade looked down and saw that Sakura had fallen asleep. Tsunade picked the girl up and laid her head down on a pillow then covered her up, then got into bed with her after taking off her clothes and putting on some nightwear.
.................................................. .................................................. ...........
Somewhere in between the boarder of the Land of Fire, and the Land of Waves, a young woman who looked to be in her mid-thirty's was sitting against a tree. She had long sea green hair that went way past her back and has glasses on her face, she wore all black being a tank top shirt that exposed her belly button and pants that stopped at her ankles. Lying on the woman's lap was a young girl who looked to be about thirteen, fourteen years of age. She had light purple hair that was tied into two small ponytails in the back. She wore a black dress that stopped half way down her thighs and a purple vest. As the young girl was lying on the woman's lap she began to uncomfortably squirm around like she was having a nightmare, then suddenly she opened her eyes.

"Are you awake now Yume?" The women asked in a gentle tone.

"Yes Mai, but I'm so sorry I failed you!" The young girl known as Yume cried. "We're still too far away from the Hidden Leaf Village, I could only penetrate the dream of some random bimbo named Ino Yamanaka and a few others."

"Were you able to get any information from their dreams like where the people we're looking for are hiding?" Mai asked.

"No I can only use my dream eater Jutsu to enter people's dreams for those who have been asleep for more than two hours, the two we're looking for haven't been asleep that long so I couldn't find them. That girl's dream I entered was just love-struck over a boy who left her for a man for steals little boys bodies. She was so pathetic that I decided to have a little fun with her." Yume laughed.

"I see….." Mai smiled lovingly wrapping her arms around Yume's body holding the young girl closer to her rather large chest. "I guess we'll just have to get closer to the village for your power to work, after that we'll have the secrets to the Sage clan's light style Jutsu's."

"Yeah right…..Then we can be together forever….." Yume said relaxing her body again while resting her head against Mai's soft breast. "Mai you know I'm willing to do anything for you right….even if I have to-"

Yume was silenced when Mai placed her fingers against her soft lips and made a 'Shhhhhhh' sound. "You don't have to say anything; I already know you would jump into the pits of hell just to make me happy." Mai said holding Yume closer to her. "The sage clan has wronged us both, they Killed my only son because they mistake him for an enemy ninja while he was holding a toy Kunai that I had bought him, and your parents were caught in the cross fire of a battle in-between them and another village and lost their lives trying to protect you."

"I will never forgive them….they took away my mommy and daddy…. I'll make them pay!" Yume shouted as she began crying.

"It's ok honey, just let it all out." Mai soothed by patting Yume's head. "I told you that I will always be here to comfort you if you ever felt the need to cry didn't I?"

"Yeah but why am I the only one who gets to cry… I know you're sad about losing your son also!"

"Please do not worry yourself about that. It's because I have you that I'm able to stay strong. I know I can't take the place of your real mother, but I can still be one right?"

"I-it doesn't matter if you're not my real mommy or not…I love you Mai." Yume said looking up at Mai while smiling.

"Yeah me too honey." Mai said sweetly kissing Yume on the forhead.
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A Teachers Affection Chapter 2
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