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 Alyssa, the Padded Angel (Chapter 1)

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PostSubject: Alyssa, the Padded Angel (Chapter 1)   Thu 16 Aug - 21:59

Hey guys! It's thelonegrunt here. Some of you might know me from DPA (which of course is currently down). Since it is down, I figured I'd tried to post some of the stories I've completed since it went down months ago.

This particular story is for a good friend of mine, and is based around one of her characters, Alyssa. The character therefore DOES NOT belong to me.

Anyway, here's a quick overview:
Alyssa, a young angel whose body represents that of a young girl, is an angel doing missions for an organization known as the Angels Association. She however has been having some major issues over the past few weeks, being a part of a string of mishaps occurring around the world. She will now have to endure her first step of punishment by the head of this organization, a womanly angel by the name of Grace, who has a specific punishment in mind that has not been used in a very long time.

I hope you all enjoy!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There are many things which transcend the norms of reality. There is supernatural activity, spiritual energy, and a collection of different entities which exist or are thought to exist in this world. Some of these are felt by direct contact, while others require nothing of the sort. Some bring about strong emotions within the minds of sensible human beings, while others are so passive that they are blatantly ignored, even when they are right in front of our eyes. Whatever it may be, there are some forces which exist which cannot be heavily described by anyone. Well, at least anyone living on Earth, with their own visible attributes in front of anyone and everyone. There were some beings in this world which could not be seen, but somehow be mysteriously felt and personified by the normal living souls of Earth. These beings had their own mystical powers, sent from the very skies above to spread their tidings among the denizens below them. They use these powers for good, spreading faith, good tidings, charity, and most of all, happiness, to the people of this luscious green and blue sphere. The messengers of this common faith were known as angels, and their job is to preserving the sanctity and fragility of life on this planet, and to create an everlasting bond with all people which would hopefully begin an era of peace lost long ago.

The Angel’s Assembly, or the AA, as some younger angels call it, is an organization based around creating the perfect types of angels, those who swear their loyalty to the almighty Cupid, the Greek god of love and affection who set up this establishment many years before. As societies and languages changed, his philosophy of love and tolerance was one which never died with time. He set the example which all of those aspiring to be angels wanted to follow.

Some angels were granted the right to join upon death, their souls escaping their earthbound bodies and gaining entrance into the sacred lands above. Some were allowed by passage of birth, proving their own worth by being bloodline descendants of the gods themselves. Either way, the road to becoming a legitimate angel is nothing easily obtained, no matter what advantage was at your disposal.

In a shining, magnificent complex with pillars seemingly scraping the very roof of the cosmos, the perfect example was about to be determined. There has apparently been a growing serge of trouble looming through this tightly-formed community, all because of the actions of a single person. You’d begin to think that such events would be caused by a towering and menacing figure, but your assumptions would be stopped dead in their tracks. Instead, all of this mischief was caused by a single girl, a lone girl peaking nowhere above her teens.

Currently, she was needed to attend a meeting with the official running the women’s portion of the organization (which so happened to be more vastly populated than the male side). There had been an accident which had occurred previously, caused completely by her and no other angel. Many knew what happened to the girl, but not the circumstances surrounding it. Whatever it was, it was going to be addressed at some point soon, as flocks of giddy women approached near the sides of the front entrance. Nothing but the sounds of whispers and slight chuckles could be heard coming from the lips of these white-winged angels, knowing that the soon-to-be wrong-doer was going to get what was coming to her.

Soon enough, the girls hopes were fulfilled, as a figure came fluttering from some wispy clouds in the distance. Once the slight patch was brushed away from her, her image became clear to all of them: she had ebony, black hair, its length flowing down to her shoulders. Above her head was a bright and vivid ring, a halo to indicate that she was indeed an angel. She had the most glowing ocean-blue eyes, and the innocent complexion of a young girl. She wore a white shirt to cover her young bust and a light-blue jacket above that. Behind that were two small, feathered wings sprouting from her back. She sported a skirt, the same patch of blue as her jacket which went down to cover her knees. She was wearing long, white boots, the same milky white as her wings and plain shirt.

Now she was currently being escorted by two women to the main office of this portion of the embassy. Two women, both dressed in solid white robes and their hoods slung over their heads held each of Alyssa’s arms, keeping her close so she wouldn’t attempt to make a break for it. Knowing her submissiveness, however, she wouldn’t even think of doing something so foolish. Instead of being an ignored figure, she was now the laughing stock of everyone who stood or floated near the entrance way, girls pointing and giggling as the large doors were opened. They began to mutter things that Alyssa could not understand at all. It was as if they knew what she had done and of the consequences she would now have to face.

Now inside the building, a thin, white hallway was the first sight to be seen, leading almost endlessly in Alyssa’s eyes to another large door at the end. She would now have to go through the passage where many open doors would greet her along the way. Almost all of these rooms were occupied by new angels being trained to become one. However, upon the sight of the girl being brought down to the end of the hallway, some girls stopped what they were doing and proceeded to do the same as the girls at the front entrance. Soon, the hall was filled with the sound of constant laughs, some girls following behind the younger girl and giving her degrading remarks. It seemed that every person at the AA was now fully aware of what had happened before.

As they arrived at the end of the hallway, the door was opened, a harsh light emanating from the growing gap. Once it was all the way open, the two guards hoisted the girl up, their eyes trained to see through this piercing light. Upon being lifted from the ground, Alyssa was now slung into the room, where she landed face-first on the thin carpet. Before she could turn to exit, the door was slammed shut. Alyssa now tried to scratch and crawl her way out of the room, only to have the sound of someone clearing their throat to indicate that Alyssa’s attention was needed. Upon turning and adjusting her eyes to the light, she now stood in front of the workspace of the superior of this establishment, the Grand Angel herself. However, she wasn’t greeted by a face, rather a simple, plain desk and the back of a rolling chair, the back rest being too tall to make out any sort of figure.

“Alyssa… have a seat.” The womanly voice behind the chair requested. The girl, upon recognizing the voice, slowly eased herself to take a seat in front of the desk. Upon hearing the sound of the shifting couch, the voice continued on. “Now… it’s come to my attention that we’ve run into… a bit of mishaps with you over the last few weeks. I’ve been keeping a rather steady eye on your process, and I must say it’s not looking too good from what sort of work ethic you’ve given…”

The girl, having a voice, finally decided to speak out considering that a lack of would show even more weakness on her part. “Ms… I really didn’t mean it this time… I swear…” Alyssa slightly pleaded.

“First off… you can go ahead and cut the ‘Ms.’ shit, Alyssa.” The woman barked, now starting to tilt the chair over to finally face the girl. Her appearance could be easily noted by members of the AA, men and women’s division: she had the lightest blue eyes, covered by a pair of glasses whose lenses drooped below her actual eyes. She had ruby-red lipstick over her puffed-out lips, and literally no make-up to cover up her beautiful face. She wore nothing but brilliant, white dress clothes, those which easily complimented her womanly features. Above all, she had the longest wings of anyone Alyssa had ever known, taking up almost the entire backrest of the huge chair she was sitting in. “My name is Grace. What is my name?”

“It’s… it’s Grace…” Alyssa muttered, feeling scolded now by not even saying the woman’s name right. It was rather contradicting that this was the woman’s name, as she had the reputation for being a major bitch. At one point in time, she personally ripped an angel’s wings straight off of her body because she accidently spilt coffee on the floor of Grace’s office.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you over your mumbling.” Grace teased.

“It’s Grace.” Alyssa said louder, but with just as much frailness in her voice as the time before.

“That’s… somewhat better. Now tell me, Alyssa, can you tell me how many times now you have been in my office?”

“E… eleven.”

“What was that? I swore I could have heard-”

“Twelve.” Alyssa quickly corrected herself.

“There we go… now tell me, how many times have you been in my office in the last… oh, I don’t know… month or so?” Grace eagerly asked, already knowing the answer.

“T… twelve.” Alyssa responded, now garnering a chuckle from the dominant figure in front of her.

“Very good, Alyssa! Or in your case… very bad. Now it’s come to the direct attention of the Angel’s Association that there has been a string of mishaps occurring around the world, ones which can be tied to one certain symbol. Do you have any idea what sort of symbol this would be?” Grace asked, inching up to the edge of her seat and easing her elbow onto her desk, a knuckle propping her chin up.

“I… I really don’t know, Grace…” Alyssa said, really having no clue as to what “symbol” the woman was talking about.

Before Alyssa could further question it, Grace shuffled through the compartments of her desk, pulling out a portfolio which contained Alyssa’s photograph and her first name on the front. Without giving her a moment to wonder what she was doing, Grace literally chucked it at her face, the front cover smacking against her and causing it to land directly in her lap. “Look over it and find something that you notice.” She said, resting back into her chair.

Alyssa now did so, opening the portfolio and finding a few stills of flash photography attached by a paperclip. Removing the paperclip, she now held the pictures in her hand and started to shuffle through them. Upon looking further into it, all of these pictures represented instances of missions she had been on before, and of the strange things which happened due to certain mistakes she made herself. In every picture she noticed, however, she saw the very same thing; planted on whatever thing she annihilated, or whatever beast she conjured, or whatever bad thing she had caused by mistake, there was the same shape in the same color posted somewhere: a red heart.

“Give it here.” Grace now demanded, as Alyssa now stopped examining the files and photos and clipped the pictures back to the folder. Handing it back to the woman, the girl was quickly stopped. “No, I said give it here. You know what I want, Alyssa.”

Placing the portfolio now on the desk, Alyssa was honestly wondering what the woman intended by this. “I… I really don’t know what you mean by-“

“Alyssa, quit your stifling and give me the damn staff!” Grace ordered in a harsh tone, causing the poor girl to slightly flinch in her seat. With that demeanor, she now knew clearly what she wanted: her magical staff, the one given to her when she was a very young child. Standing up, she now dug through the belt she wore under her long skirt, going to the back to pull out an object which stuck out like a sore thumb underneath her outfit. Undoing it from the belt, she pulled it from out under her skirt: from the looks of it, it was but a simple, white rod, basically the length of a baton. However, it took a small bit of Alyssa’s power to channel this stick’s true potential. With a slight flash of light coming from the arm in which she grabbed it, the object started to lightly glow, before extending in both size and thickness. On top of that, it started to grow a tip at an alarming rate, shaping into several different figures: at first it formed a candy-red heart, followed by small, white wings jutting from the sides, and finally a tiny, yellow halo gently floating above it and following every movement the head made. With the staff now fully extended and able for use, Alyssa did what was expected of her and handed over the magical item to Grace. As Alyssa once again took her seat, Grace clutched the mid-section of the long and slender staff, examining its features and gently rubbing the headpiece of it.

“Alyssa… what is this?” The woman asked, now placing the bottom of the staff on the ground and again resting her chin on another piece of scenery, this time being the item held firmly in her grasp.

“It’s… it’s my staff…” Alyssa once again anxiously replied.

“Come again?”

“It’s my staff.”

“Is it now? As far as I’m aware of, this is but a child’s play thing for you, Alyssa. Or am I sorely mistaken by this?” As this question was rather self-explanatory, Alyssa did not answer, but instead tilted her head down as the woman took stabs at her with the way she spoke. “Indeed this is a staff, but it’s just not being used for the purpose it was originally intended for. You do know what that is, right?”

Alyssa simply stood silent for a moment, not because she was embarrassed, but because she could not remember the damn chant she had learned upon getting the thing! Now how did it go again? The staff of Cupid is big and… nice? The staff of Cupid is long and… slender? Alyssa could not remember the entire message by heart, even after having it for so many years.

Grace raised an eyebrow due to the lack of a response. “Come on, Alyssa, you must know the chant of Cupid’s staff, now do you?”

“I… I do…”

“Then go on, say it.” Grace challenged her, now taking the staff and propping it up against a wall.

Alyssa now sat, starting to allow her thoughts to collect as she started to piece together the first line of the chant. “The staff of Cupid… holds the key…”

“To all hearts and desires…” Grace now added in, seeing that the girl was obviously struggling. With this line out of the way, both girls were able to continue in almost unison:

“It must be tamed by a wielder fair
Who shall yield to a power higher.”

“Good.” Grace said, in a slightly mocking tone. “But… it seems you’ve been going against this sacred motto. Have you used staff for its intended purpose, of trying to spread love and promote happiness?”

Considering the woman was not going to let up, Alyssa might as well answer the questions in a manner that she would want to hear. “…no.” She weakly replied, though enough for her voice to be heard. She was only going to respond based on what the woman wanted to hear, as going against it would result in immediate backlash.

“Do you yield yourself to a higher power, that being of your own bloodline, Cupid?”

Unfortunately, this fact was true. She was in Cupid’s immediate family, meaning she had the right to claim his property. He had chosen to give this staff to whoever he deemed worthy, but for some strange reason, he chose her above anyone else in his family. The worst part of having this responsibility was in knowing she failed time and time again. “No.”

“So in question, does that make you a fair wielder?”

Alyssa stopped for a moment after hearing this question, as nothing else said so simply could have captivated her attention quite like this. Was she really a terrible wielder? She had made bad mistakes, but was it to the point where she could do almost nothing? Was this the point Grace was trying to get across? Her head tilted down in complete shame, Alyssa looked down to the white carpet which rubbed against her shoes, blushing with embarrassment as she knew the answer herself.

“No? That’s exactly what I thought.” Grace chuckled, now bringing the stick back into its original, shortened form and placing it on a spot on the empty top of the desk. “Now do you understand that all of these marks have come from the direct misuse of that staff you had with you?”

“I… I knew that.” Replied Alyssa.

“Are you certain about that? Do you understand that you have done the very negative of what this should be used for?”

“I understand that, miss-“

“Grace.” The larger angel again corrected, causing Alyssa to nervously rest back into her chair as she was stopped in mid-sentence. “This is intended for purposes of only good, and it appears that you have stretched its power for far too long. If only Cupid were still around to see you…”

“Actually, he is. He’s… kind of a god. Immortal, can’t die and all…” Alyssa replied, still in the same uncompromising position.

“Alyssa… shut up and listen for once. Now I’ve been a lot less strict on you simply because of that reason: you are of his family and therefore must be treated as such, that and the bare fact that you are still but a mere child. The typical amount of strikes I have against a regular person is three, but seeing as how you are less experienced, I decided to be generous and bump it up to ten for you due to your position. However, I gave you one last chance after you hit over the ten strike mark. Once you went past that and finally crossed the line, I could no longer help you or give any second chances. You were lucky that I’ve shown you such leniency over the last few weeks, but it’s really about time where your luck runs out and you must face facts. This day was coming and you knew it.”

Alyssa could not deny this fact herself, no matter how much she wanted to try and disprove it. She had been on a downward spiral since her very first mission, and in her first failure she could not rebound from it. She had no luck in trying to make up, for indeed she had made too many mistakes to be forgiven this time. It was only fitting whatever would happen to her, whatever punishment this may be.

“I… I understand, m… I mean, Grace. I am so very sorry for everything that I have done, I never knew that everything would have led me to this point. I hope I can be forgiven for it…” Alyssa gloomily apologized, her face hung down and not making any sort of contact with the woman sitting in front of her.

Instead of show the little girl sympathy, the woman had to do exactly one of the things that her job entitled: punish those did not do as instructed. Even if the girl really did not mean to do any harm (as her very innocent and peaceful appearance indicated), action still needed to be taken. “Well, now with explaining this, I must now begin to explain what sort of punishment you’ll have to be facing. First off, lie down on the table.”

Alyssa was slightly confused with this direction, as it was so randomly given to her. “Grace, what do you mean by-“

“I mean take your ass, plant it on this desk and lie down on your back. Do you need a demonstration?” However, before Grace could do so, Alyssa simply did as she was told without question, sitting upon the top of Grace’s empty desk and lying down so she was facing up. She had enough room to fully stretch out considering that her body spanned the whole length of the desk. “Very good, now, are you aware of this type of punishment?”

“I, um, I’m not, Grace…”

“Well, you see, I’ve discovered that girls between the ages of 10-15 are psychologically developing, starting to have changes within them and having a mindset of growing their own independence. However, you have single-handedly destroyed buildings, ruined lives, and tarnished the reputation of angels and everything they stand for, all by yourself and without any sort of supervision. Therefore, the first thing to do… is to strip you of that independence.” The woman now started to undo the girl’s boots, placing them on the ground next to her. She then lifted Alyssa’s bottom for a moment to pull her skirt, placing her back down on the desk with her white, lace panties in plain sight.

As this alone was embarrassing enough, the next part would be which would set the girl off. Going towards her hips, Grace now started to slide the girl’s panties down her legs, as she was now being literally stripped by her. Alyssa, upon seeing this, quickly took her hands to cover her now exposed womanhood, blushing horrendously. “What… what are you doing?! This is just-“

Before she could finish her statement, Grace shushed her by placing her index finger upon her lips. With silence, the woman continued what she was doing before, forcefully putting the girl’s arms back to her sides. “First off, no talking without being addressed first, either that or when you are in dire need of something. Now, stay silent and let me explain.” The woman said, now completely removing the girl’s panties and placing them in a drawer behind her desk. “You see, in your own independence, you have clearly shown that you show no restraint whatsoever. It makes you capable of doing childish things, those which put lives in jeopardy. As you lack this restraint and continuously slip up time after time, you will be treated with more… intensive care.” As the woman said this, she went down to her dresser and shuffled through the drawers, now managing to pull out two items: what appeared to be a shaker of baby powder and clearly a small, plastic bag, one which read “Crinkle Puffs” on the front. What made this package significant was that it contained the only brand of disposable diapers specifically for angels. Alyssa knew about this very clearly because even at age 5, she was still wearing a much smaller version of the diaper at night for special issues that she had. Ripping the bag open, the womanly angel pulled out one diaper and unfolded it, now starting to place it under the girl’s legs.

“What… what… what…” Alyssa continuously stuttered, not knowing what to think currently.

“Stop your mumbling and listen. To put it simply for you, you have been a bad girl, Alyssa. This punishment is to strip you of your independence and assure that you can no longer do any harm. After all, what’s more symbolic to this than having someone to treat you as the immature little child you have been acting as?” Grace now took the powder from the shaker, lifting the girl’s legs up and applying it gently to her skin. Once this was finished, she took the front of the diaper and covered it over the girl’s lower body, taking the tapes and wrapping them around to connect with the front. She did all of this in a very calm and collected manner, much like a mother changing her baby into a fresh diaper. With the undergarment fastened to her legs, Grace slightly smiled and sat the girl up herself.

Upon being lifted, Alyssa immediately covered her diaper up with her skirt. She was now fully aware of the degrading form of punishment being imposed upon her by the woman. There was no way she could prevent it, as it was previously mentioned to her that something like this was inevitable. However, she could at least try to prevent this disgraceful image of herself from being shown to any unwanted eyes. Her skirt was long enough to cover up the actual diaper, but could not do much to cover up the bulk which was slightly noticeable. It was at least consoling enough to know it would not be directly seen.

Upon seeing the girl do this, Grace simply smiled and stood her up on her two feet. “No no, Alyssa, we can’t be having you try to hide from your punishment.” Grace now pointed one finger at the girl’s skirt, and from that, a cloud of smoke started to flow. The stream now slowly started to envelop the girl’s upper legs, and a few seconds passed until the spiraled cloud dissipated. Upon clearing, it now left a drastic change in the length of Alyssa’s skirt, going up so high that even the very tapes of her diaper could be seen. Alyssa stood her ground, her face as red as a cherry trying to pull her skirt down far enough to cover up the padding. No matter how hard she tried, though, it was impossible to do.

“Now, let’s get down to business. There are now a few ground rules that need to be established first. First and foremost, see that right there? That’s your diaper, and I know that you know what it was made for.” Grace said.

“Y… yes, they’re used to hold my p-“

“Don’t say it, I think you get the idea. Anyway, that is their purpose. I intend for you to use them in that manner.”

“You, you don’t mean…”

“Oh I mean. I mean you will use your diaper whenever you have to. The regular bathrooms here are off limits for you, because you will be wearing your bathroom at all times. You should not ever have to worry about trying to make an attempt at trying to go on your own, either; I will be following you and therefore be watching your every move.”

Alyssa could not bare this sort of thought; did she REALLY have to use her diapers? Would she really have to stoop so low as to crapping her pants out in public? Even if no human could actually see anything she did, it was still embarrassing to have that thought in mind and to have to stoop so very low. Then another thought came into her mind; how exactly would Grace be able to watch her and manage to maintain her duties? It would not be possible considering that she’d have to split herself into two beings, something which no angel had the ability to do, not even more powerful ones such as Grace. “But wait, if you’re always going to be with me, then how-“

“How will I be able to maintain my position here?” Grace intercepted the girl’s next words, knowing exactly what she was going to say. “Well considering that there are many others here who fit the leadership role rather well, they will be my stand-ins while we are both away on certain missions. Speaking of which, you may need this back.” Grace looked back to the retracted staff. She gripped onto it and prepared to return it to Alyssa, but before she handed it back, she thought of something and immediately brought it back. “Well, considering you won’t be a big girl for a while now, maybe this would be a bit too much for you to handle. I have a solution.” Grace, with the staff in hand, now started to surround her hand with the same mystical tufts of cloud that she did earlier with Alyssa’s skirt. Once this was gone, out emerged something entirely different; the staff was very much shorter than before, intended to be carried with one hand. However, it had the same features at the head as the longer version before the transformation; the same heart, the miniature wings sprouting from the sides, and a halo atop which followed every movement. The only difference was how childish this looked, everything bloated and made of plastic instead of legitimate materials.

“Since you were using your staff as a toy before, I made a slight modification to fit your current state; this holds some of the same powers as the fully-extended staff, but I have control over how it may be used. I therefore have the ability to flip your magic supply on and off whenever I please. When it’s off, you’ll still find use in it, however; it makes a fairly decent rattle.” Upon saying that, the woman lightly shook it, producing a rattling noise. She now handed the toy to Alyssa, who simply blushed and held onto it with one hand. “Now listen carefully; I have already contacted members of your family about this, and all of them agree that certain steps needed to be taken. Therefore, you will be under my care as long as this shall last. I will personally assign missions to you, most of them being fairly simple to teach you the basics of how everything works. Let’s just say… I’m teaching a baby to learn how to walk again.” Grace smirked at her own random pun, making the little Alyssa blush and sulk more. “Oh, and speaking of which, the diaper and being watched will not be the only stipulations; I shall provide you with everything you need: your food, your drinks, your shelter, your diapers, obviously, and everything else which will be needed. You can basically say that I will fill the position of your mother. I will always be watching over you to insure that nothing bad comes to or from you.”

Alyssa was slightly shocked by this last statement, as she already HAD a mother, at least theoretically considering a man and woman were needed to birth a child. She never knew her mother, for some strange reason. She was somewhere, though.

Grace now took a bag from the bottom drawer of the dresser, one currently stocked with supplies that she would need to uphold this punishment. The bag was slightly dusty, though; it had been a reasonable amount of time since something like this was imposed upon anyone. The woman now slung the strap of the bag over her right shoulder, proceeding to walk towards the girl and lift her up into her arms with a more tender approach. “And please, feel free to call me ‘mommy’ if you do so wish, Alyssa. I have a notable history of your background.”

“O… okay, m… mommy.” The little girl was extremely timid at this point, not knowing that this older angel would do something like this so quickly. She didn’t realize, however, that this was another one of Grace’s tactics to make the punishment seem more effective. She was trying her damned hardest to comply with the woman’s wishes, as she was currently not in the mood of having her little wings clipped.

“Good. Now, let’s say we get you outside so you can play with the younglings, shall we? After that, I feel you could really fancy a nap.” Grace said, now starting to walk towards the door, Alyssa cradled in her arms and the bag being held by the older angel.

“But, but, what about the others? What are they going to-“Before Alyssa could ramble on, Grace quickly shuffled through the bag and found a light-red pacifier with a white nipple. She slapped it into the girl’s mouth to get her to stop talking for even the shortest amount of time. Upon having it slapped into her mouth, Alyssa instinctively tried to spit it out. As she bloated her cheeks, the binky would not come out. Even trying to blow and try to force it out proved useless. It seemed to be fused between her lips, preventing it from being ripped out of its current place.

“Now you don’t have to worry about the others. Pay them no mind.” Grace simply said, now starting to walk outside with one hand pressing to open the door. Upon opening it, the area seemed to grow much dimmer, very contrasting to the light she had become so adjusted to in this small space. Once it was all the way open, both Grace and Alyssa were greeted by the sight of dozens of girls, most of them around the same age group as Alyssa herself. Upon seeing a rattle, pacifier and diaper combo, they started their childish laughter, pointing and teasing the girl as Grace carried her down through the hallway which Alyssa once passed. Door to door, girls flocked in front of and behind her to get a perfect view of such a comical sight.

Alyssa was left with nothing upon exiting the room. She had no dignity, no respect, and no pride to any longer call her own. Everything was pulled from her the instant her panties were removed in Grace’s office and replaced with this overbearing diaper. She would now have to grow accustomed to living this sort of life again, one where she would have to be pampered and treated like the little baby she grew out of being a long time ago. The pressure would only be added by all of these people judging her every move at every single step of the way. It would be difficult to repress such thoughts from her mind, so currently, Alyssa did the only thing she could do at this point; breathing through her nose, she started to suckle on her pacifier, making slight noises as she did so. It would be a first step to help her get used to living this way, after all.

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Alyssa, the Padded Angel (Chapter 1)
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