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 Would anyone like to rp?

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Would anyone like to rp? Empty
PostSubject: Would anyone like to rp?   Would anyone like to rp? EmptySun 13 Dec - 8:54

Pretty much I'm looking for rpers (roleplayers) who are intrested in playing a thread.

My Prefferences/Intreasts/Rules are:

0. All active players in role play must be 18+. (<<<------ update)

1. I only p-rp (private role play), why? cause I'm super bizzy and I type slow.

2. I only do f/f (female-to-female, yuri) or m/f (male-to-female, straight).

3. If a male is being used thou shot NOT cross-play/sissy/gaying/anal-play into/onto him. Those girly thots are best suited for other role players and not me. Enemas are okay just no getting him to piggy squeling.

4. NO timewraps unless agreed upon. A timewrap is a situation where a group of actions are being done and the other player can't react during one of your actions where it would be suited.
An example would be player 1 had done given player 2 a bath. player 1 continues to post that after the bath it dressed and brushed player 2's teeth then when to bed. player 1 would still type that player 2 woke up and both players went to the kitchen and ate waffles.

a.k.a. A one sided situation that both players need to agree on.

5. clearly make your point with continuity and move on. (ask by messaging each other or parenthesis like so but after your move or if the move is invalde just post in parenthesis or message the problem.)

Well thats it. I'm not a gramzi (grammer nazi). Tell me if you want sex in it. Either post on this thread or sent me a pm on your rp idea and we go from their. Well I hope some will p-rp with me.


The rules for Adult Baby Girls:
1. No swearing, foul signals, or smoking.
2. Do not play with mommies make up or jewelry.
3. Their will be naps!!!
4. No playing with your pee pee unless permitted.
5. Colors are on paper not walls!!!
6. Obey your Mommy and Daddy.
7. Use your inside voice while inside.
8. No hiding things in your diaper unless permitted.
9. No sassing or bulling others.
10. Always curtsy with a properly greeting.
11. Their is no toilet but your pants.
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Would anyone like to rp?
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