Diapered anime, the sequel
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March 2019
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 Looking for some rpers and still want to continue current rps.

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PostSubject: Looking for some rpers and still want to continue current rps.   Sun 23 Sep - 23:50

My prefferences are:

1. Private-rp only.

2. Straight or Yuri only.

3. Both characters are 18+ (Sex isn't a must, but I feel more comfortable with the ages here).

4. No males being gayed, crossplayed/sissed, or what-what in the butt on them (I have no grudge against any thing listed. I just have no intrest).

5. No guro or futa.

6. Time warps must be agreed upon.

7. Please keep events and situations consistentto each other.

Except for #4&5, I'm pretty open to anything to everything. I'll try my best to give a great rp.

Please let me know if you want to rp and continue rping.


The rules for Adult Baby Girls:
1. No swearing, foul signals, or smoking.
2. Do not play with mommies make up or jewelry.
3. Their will be naps!!!
4. No playing with your pee pee unless permitted.
5. Colors are on paper not walls!!!
6. Obey your Mommy and Daddy.
7. Use your inside voice while inside.
8. No hiding things in your diaper unless permitted.
9. No sassing or bulling others.
10. Always curtsy with a properly greeting.
11. Their is no toilet but your pants.
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Looking for some rpers and still want to continue current rps.
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